In each specific case, each order is calculated and discussed individually!

If you're making a purchase, it's a good idea to make sure the item is in the store. The indication “available” does not guarantee immediate product availability.
  • Delivery of goods is carried out within 1-3 working days, if the ordered goods are in stock.
  • When placing your order, we will inform you of the delivery time.
  • The item is only dispatched upon receipt of confirmation of payment or payment of an invoice.
When choosing this type of delivery, customers come to order themselves.
Riga, st. Veisturu 35
  • Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 16:00 pm
  • Sat, Sun: closed

Daugavpils, Stadium 2
  • Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 18:00 pm
  • Sat:    9:00 am - 16:00 pm
  • Sun:    closed
All over Latvia: 3.00€
This is one of the most convenient and profitable ways to receive an order, regardless of the location of the client.
Delivery within 2-3 working days (if the product is in a store in Riga). 

Maximum dimensions (cm)

9 x 38 x 64 ( 2 x 9 x 14 )

19 x 38 x 64

39 x 38 x 64

If necessary, you can also contact Omniva courier service by calling +371 27042424 or writing an e-mail to, indicating the code of the shipment sent to you.

VENIPAK courier:
The price of each order is calculated individually - by weight, size, location.

Provides delivery of orders by courier directly to your door, wherever you are - at home, at work, in the village, in the country or anywhere else.!

! All orders with this delivery method are delivered ONLY ON WORKING DAYS.

If necessary, you can also contact the Venipak courier service by calling +371 66016601 or by emailing, indicating the code of the shipment sent to you.


All over Latvia:
  • The price of each order is calculated individually
In the case of large quantities of fruit, on the basis of a single day of operation in the 16th day of the year. You will be able to eat, you will be able to get a drink.
Delivery by express mail is only available in the Baltic countries.
Maximum parcel weight - 10 kg
Delivery within 2-3 working days (if the product is in a store in Riga).

LATVIAN MAIL (shipments outside the Baltic States):

Worldwide: from 6.50€
This type of delivery is possible to addresses outside the Baltic States. In cooperation with Latvijas Pasts, we can ensure the delivery of parcels to any country in the world. The cost and time of delivery depend both on the size and weight of the parcel, and on the address of receipt. Approximate information on the cost of delivery can be obtained here.
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